Hazardous Substances


Hazardous Substance Audits

The Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004 relates to the manufacture, storage, possession handling, transport, and use of explosives and dangerous goods, including the operation of major hazard facilities across Western Australia.

OHMS Hygiene has the experience and the knowledge to assist you in ensuring compliance by:

  • preparing manifests in alignment with DMIRS and Australian Standards’ requirements;
  • conducting hazardous substance risk assessments;
  • conducting risk assessments for specific hazardous substance in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and Codes of Practice, e.g. the handling of oxidising agents, gas cylinders etc.;
  • auditing hazardous substance stored on site.



Register of Hazardous Substances

There is a legal requirement to keep a current register of hazardous substances on site and ensure that safety data sheets (SDSs) for hazardous substances are available to all employees and contractors.

While sites should have a method of controlling hazardous substances coming to site there is still a requirement to audit workplaces to ensure:

  • non-approved substances have not been brought to site;
  • non-compatible hazardous substances are not stored together;
  • that storage and handling are in accordance with the legislation, standards or best practice; and
  • that quantities are still within approved limits for the workplace controls.

Hazmat Surveys

A Hazardous Materials Survey consists of an inspection and report on buildings and structures for materials likely to be hazardous to health, workers, building occupants or the environment. 

Hazardous materials identified through our survey can include but are not limited to:

  • asbestos containing material (ACM)
  • polychlorinated biphenys (PCBs)
  • synthetic mineral fibres (SMF)
  • chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

Hazardous materials management inspections and surveys are conducted by experienced HazMat consultants and result in the provision of a hazardous materials management plan.


Training in Interpreting SDS, Risk Assessments and Using Chemicals

Understanding the hazardous substances in use in the work place can sometimes be a daunting task. OHMS Hygiene can provide training to staff on the:

  • handling, storage and use of these hazardous substances;
  • interpretation of safety data sheets;
  • health and safety hazards and impacts associated with the substances;
  • control of substances on site.

Health Impact Assessments

A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a combination of procedures or methods by which a policy, programme or project may be judged as to the effects it may have on the health of a population.

These may also be called risk based health and hygiene management plans.

OHMS Hygiene has the expertise and experience to conduct a HIAs for any and all health risks. This includes dangerous goods and hazardous substances as well as physical and biological agents, see our risk management.

People, Process, Safety

OHMS Hygiene is a consultancy service that aims to assist our clients in achieving industry best practices to advance their safety culture. OHMS Hygiene replaces good luck with great science and provides stakeholders with best-practice tools and metrics to improve the health and welfare of workers, visitors and the community. Our team understands your business and that consultation and communication with all stakeholders are key to achieving your health and safety goals.