Water Quality


Water Quality Management Plans

The Western Australian Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act 1984 and Regulations 1996 impose a clear statutory duty of care to persons at work, where practicable, by providing both safe and healthy work environments. 

This duty extends to the provision of water that is fit for purpose.

WQMPs provide an overview of the water systems and utilise risk-based management, assuring drinking water quality and the protection of personnel health through the adoption of preventative management practices that encompass all steps in water production from catchment to consumer to waste water.



Potable Water Quality Assessments

The potential health impacts from poorly managed potable water can be severe, which can be enhanced at remote locations. 

Hence there is a requirement for a workplace to ensure that a supply of clean, cool, drinking water is provided for, and is readily accessible to anyone at the workplace.

If the water system is not on scheme water or it is at a distance from the end of scheme water then a management plan, guidance document and sampling strategy will be required to ensure that the potable water meets the requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

These documents can provide a minimum for managing the potable water system.

People, Process, Safety

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