Locations and HSEQ Services

At RED OHMS Group, our HSEQ specialists provide professional services across Australia.

Our main offices are in major cities.

Some of our services include assessing Asbestos Air Monitoring, Asbestos Air Testing and Asbestos Removal.

Our consultants are equipped with the knowledge and experience to help with your HSEQ challenges.

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Asbestos Air Monitoring

We have the capacity to sample and monitor asbestos fibres in the air to meet HSEQ standards

  • Asbestos Air Monitoring Brisbane
  • Asbestos Air Monitoring Gold Coast
  • Asbestos Air Monitoring Perth
  • Asbestos Air Monitoring Sydney

Asbestos Air Testing

Similar to asbestos air monitoring, asbestos air testing requires a closer analysis with the quality of environments

  • Asbestos Air Testing Brisbane
  • Asbestos Air Testing Gold Coast
  • Asbestos Air Testing Perth
  • Asbestos Air Testing Sydney
group of consultants analysing environment

Asbestos Consultant

Our team at RED OHMS Group are trusted consultants when it comes to identifying and planning how to manage asbestos

  • Asbestos Consultant Brisbane
  • Asbestos Consultant Central Coast
  • Asbestos Consultant Sydney

Asbestos Register

After a thorough onsite investigation, formal documentation is essential and an asbestos register is part of the process

  • Asbestos Register Brisbane
  • Asbestos Register Perth
  • Asbestos Register Sydney
asbestos removal danger sign

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is harmful and dangerous. Dealing with removals must be done with the proper safety equipment following guidelines

  • Asbestos Removal Brisbane
  • Asbestos Removal Central Coast
  • Asbestos Removal Darwin
  • Asbestos Removal Kalgoorlie
  • Asbestos Removal Perth
  • Asbestos Removal Sydney
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asbestos surveying reinspection

Asbestos Survey

Asbestos surveys are beneficial during the investigation period of buildings and environmental structures

  • Asbestos Survey Brisbane
  • Asbestos Survey Gold Coast
  • Asbestos Survey Perth
  • Asbestos Survey Sydney

Dust Monitoring

It’s important to ensure we understand the quality of the air. We can evaluate dust monitoring

  • Dust Monitoring Perth
asbestos in dust
rpe hygiene noise

Fit Testing

Fit testing is pivotal to ensuring safety gear is worn properly. We can host training sessions for small to large groups

  • Fit Testing Brisbane
  • Fit Testing Gold Coast
  • Fit Testing Perth
  • Fit Testing Sydney

Lead Removal

Lead can be prominent in some water and environmental surroundings. We can assist in planning lead removal

  • Lead Removal Brisbane

Occupational Hygienist

Occupational hygienists can assist in improving the management process of hazardous materials, chemicals and noise pollution

  • Occupational Hygienist Brisbane
  • Occupational Hygienist Perth
  • Occupational Hygienist Sydney
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