About Us

About us

Your premier partner in health and safety compliance.

Our team has over 50 years of experience in safety, hygiene, environment and training, onshore, offshore, local industry, interstate and international.

So whether it is the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, NOPSEMA, Australian Standards, guidance notes or industry best practice; RED OHMS has the knowledge, ability and network to be your premier partner in health and safety compliance.

First Choice

RED OHMS Group aims to be the first choice in health, hygiene and environmental services, and to support and empower employees.

Preferred Employer

RED OHMS Group aims to be the preferred employer, engaging and encouraging professional and personal growth.

Experience across Australia.

Vision & Mission

Protecting worker health and safety, along with the environment.

Our commitment to safety is to be beyond reproach with a zero-harm target firmly fixed within our corporate sights.

By partnering with clients to understand their risks and how to manage them, we are able to create a workplace where:

  • the health, safety and wellbeing of employees is paramount; and
  • environmental risk is appropriately managed and harm minimised.

Our mission is to protect worker health and safety by partnering with clients to understand their risks and how to manage them and to create a workplace where the health, safety and wellbeing of employees is paramount.

RED OHMS aims to be a corporate citizen that continuously communicates and delivers on our promises viewing our employees and clients as key stake holders and paramount to the success of RED OHMS now and in the future.

RED OHMS Commitment to Safety

We aim to participate in the wider safety, hygiene and environmental community at large, acting as a mentor for those wishing to enter these industries and will be zealous in our endeavour for continued improvement within ourselves and the greater health and environmental communities.


Assistance in all facets of Asbestos management.

We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand our clients technical and commercial requirements.

This aids in delivering a tailored approach to not just meet legislative terms but to seek to exceed industry best practice. We are focused on providing advice and solutions to businesses of all types across all industry sectors.

With highly qualified hygienists, we partner with clients to lead, engage & mentor to achieve their legislative requirements and enable their journey to exceed expectations. RED OHMS Hazmat uses a risk based approach to provide a range of services to ensure our partners are equipped with both the knowledge and expertise to effectively manage the risk of exposure to asbestos.

RED OHMS Hazmat provide skills and expertise in the following services.

  • asbestos management and development of site-specific plans including risk assessment
  • management/refurbishment & demolition/re-inspection surveys
  • asbestos sampling for identification
  • asbestos fibre air monitoring
  • clearance inspections and certification
  • project management of asbestos remediation
  • asbestos awareness training
  • contamination assessments and asbestos in dust
  • asbestos in soils
  • import and maritime inspections
  • inspections following natural disasters
  • hazardous materials surveys, testing and management
RED OHMS Environment

Achieving balance with the environment.

We customise services to achieve a realistic and sustainable balance between environmental and development objectives.

Our team of environmental scientists can assist clients address implications of new legislation and environmental requirements as well as provide technical services for numerous environmental issues.

We are skilled in planning and implementing projects in urban, rural and remote areas, public and private sectors, and across industry segments.

RED OHMS Environment provide skills and expertise in the following services.

Core Services
  • groundwater assessment and management
  • contaminated land management
  • air quality and dust monitoring and assessments
Additional Services
  • acid sulphate soils assessment and management
  • environmental management
  • soil and groundwater remediation
  • soil and gas vapour intrusion
  • due diligence and risk management
  • assessment and management of PFAS
RED OHMS Hygiene

Advancing safety culture through communication.

As a consultancy service, RED OHMS aims to assist our clients in achieving industry best practice to advance their safety culture.

RED OHMS Hygiene replaces good luck with great science and provides stakeholders with best practice tools and metrics to improve the health and welfare of workers, visitors and the community.

Our team understands your business and that consultation and communication with all stakeholders is key to achieving your health and safety goals.

RED OHMS Hygiene aims to be the:

  • preferred provider of health and hygiene services and to support and empower all stakeholders to learn, discover and work in a manner that protects both health and the environment; and
  • the employer of choice, through engaging and empowering our employees and encouraging professional and personal growth.
RED OHMS Training

International qualifications, provided to Australian industries.

With Certified Occupational Hygienists (COHs)(R), as well as subject matter experts to provide training, it can be assured that only highly qualified staff present all the material.

We are approved by the International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) and the Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA) to deliver courses and, as such, our training can lead to an international qualification in hygiene that is supported by IOHA and the (AIOH).

Additionally, OHMS Training is approved by the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) to teach their international proficiency courses in asbestos.


Modular study methods at your own level.

The international qualifications scheme allows you to study occupational hygiene at the level that suits you using a modular design.

This gives you the flexibility to build on your existing qualifications and to fit in more easily with your job demands. You can start from the basic principles level and progress through to Intermediate level, through which you can work towards the International Certificate.

During the courses you are required to demonstrate that you can carry out basic practical assessments under the supervision of course tutors. To meet the aims of the intermediate level courses and for you to reach the required level of technical and practical skill you will continue to develop those skills through practical experience in the work environment. You will need to collect evidence which demonstrates you have applied your knowledge in practical situations. This will be documented in your Personal Learning Portfolio.

Examining boards from across the world have come together to agree a common framework of qualifications. OHTA provides training materials to Approved Training Providers to help you demonstrate your knowledge.

Please note that International qualifications cover the core science and practice of occupational hygiene; they do not cover the details of local legislation or local custom and practice.

The international scheme requires the completion of 6 modules.

Core Modules
  • W501: Measurement of Hazardous Substances
  • W503: Noise Measurement and its Effects
  • W505: Control of Hazardous Substances
  • W507: Health Effects of Hazardous Substances
Optional Modules
  • W502: Thermal Environment
  • W504: Asbestos and Other Fibres
  • W506: Ergonomics Essentials

On completion of each module, you will receive an Award of Successful Course Completion for that module. Once you have completed 6 modules, you can progress to the award by completing a Personal Learning Portfolio. 

Once you have completed your portfolio you can apply for an interview for the award of the International Certificate.