Groundwater Assessment and Management


Groundwater Assessment and Management

Agricultural land use, acid sulphate soils, urban and commercial development, mining and forestry can seriously impact the chemical and physical nature of your groundwater resources and potentially create a risk to human and ecological health.

OHMS Environment Specialises in the Management of Regional and Urban Groundwater Resources. We can provide a range of groundwater-related environmental solutions and monitoring to ensure the ecological health and productivity of your groundwater.

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Management of Regional & Urban Groundwater Resources

Mining, agricultural land use, acid sulphate soils, urban and commercial development and forestry can impact the chemical and physical nature of groundwater resources and in many instances pose a risk to human and ecological health.

The OHMS Environment Team possesses capabilities in the fields of hydrogeology and environmental science and can provide the following services:

  • groundwater management plans;
  • groundwater monitoring network design;
  • drilling supervision and bore installations;
  • baseline groundwater studies;
  • groundwater monitoring events;
  • contamination assessments;
  • physical and geochemical data management and statistical analysis;
  • aquifer testing (i.e. pumping tests);
  • groundwater modelling for remediation strategies and risk assessment;
  • water balance modelling;
  • groundwater remediation strategy design and implementation; and
  • regulatory compliance monitoring.

Where Science Meets Sustainability

OHMS Environment provides focused & risk-based environmental solutions to support all industries to best manage risks to human and ecological health. In achieving this, we are committed to upholding strong environmental values and the provision of high-quality science within a regulatory framework.