Air Quality and Dust Monitoring Assessments


Air Quality and Dust Monitoring Assessments

Air quality and dust are a major issue for a wide range of industrial and agricultural workplaces and can lead to serious health impacts on workers if not handled properly.

We can help you develop and execute a variety of air quality and dust management environmental solutions in line with state and national standards.

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Develop and Execute Programmes

In line with current state and national standards and guidance. OHMS Environment can develop and execute air quality and dust management programmes including:

  • Implementing appropriate methods for measuring and assessing air pollutants;
  • Locating an appropriate number of monitoring stations on a site;
  • Establishing monitoring methods and appropriate instrumentation;
  • Management and interpretation of air quality data;
  • Reporting of air quality data against relevant standards; and
  • Assessing various pollutants including:
    • carbon monoxide (CO);
    • nitrogen dioxide (NO2);
    • ozone (O3);
    • sulfur dioxide (SO2);
    • lead;
    • PM10; and
    • PM2.5

Where Science Meets Sustainability

OHMS Environment provides focused & risk-based environmental solutions to support all industries to best manage risks to human and ecological health. In achieving this, we are committed to upholding strong environmental values and the provision of high-quality science within a regulatory framework.