Asbestos Management


Asbestos Management

As stipulated by Australian Acts and Regulations, a person in control of the business unit, a person at a workplace who is an employer, main contractor, a self-employed person, or the person having control must ensure that the presence and location of asbestos within the workplace is identified.

The processes for identification and assessment of risks from asbestos must be conducted in strict accordance with State specific Codes of Practice.

OHMS Hazmat have expert consultants who can undertake detailed asbestos containing material (ACM) surveys to assist in meeting with these legislative requirements. This will aid the client in the management of asbestos across their portfolio.

OHMS Hazmat can develop a site-specific asbestos management plan (AMP) for the ongoing implementation of control measures in accordance with the hierarchy of controls.

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Asbestos Survey

An asbestos survey consists of an inspection of buildings and structures for the presence of ACM’s, a report coupled with a log in the form of a register detailing the risk assessment is provided alongside a photographic record of the ACM to the client.

This can be supplied to building occupiers and contractors to limit exposure to asbestos. Following the identification of asbestos, priorities should be set for effective control of the inherent risks.

OHMS Hazmat can also offer a range of tailored asbestos survey and inspection services to all industry sectors. All surveys and sampling are carried out in accordance with relevant legislation.

We work in close partnership with our clients and other stakeholders to ensure that surveys are effectively planned, and survey information is delivered in the format desired by the client. All samples taken during our surveys are analysed at a NATA accredited laboratory.

Our consultants hold or are working towards the internationally recognised BOHS proficiency module IP402 ‘Surveying and Sampling for Asbestos in Buildings’.

A useful tool that RED OHMS offers our clients is an online portal that gives real time access to the data collected during our assessments. This gives the client, in the field access, to their asbestos information at all times.