Cyclone Flow-rate Change

As many will be aware SKC have issued a corrective notice with regard to their cyclones (225-69 and 225-69-37). The issue of the cyclone over-sampling and operating outside of the BS EN 481 respirable curve was noted at the Australian Mine Ventilation Conference in 2017. After subsequent works undertaken by the HSE UK laboratory an over sampling by 30% was confirmed. As such a new flowrate of 3L/min has been determine to better match the respirable curve with the cyclone previously mentioned.

So where does that leave us now? Well the good thing is it over-sampled so the actual exposures would be less than measured, so the sampling is very conservative. But for our future sampling what does this mean? The WA DMIRS has indicated that for them, if you are part way through your current annual programme then finish off that programme with the 2.2 L/min flow rate. Once the annual programme is complete then look at changing so that you are comparing apples with apples for the current period. Once the current annual period is completed note that it would be expected that exposures should decrease by approximately 30% given the change in flow rate to 3 L/min. Any questions call us on 1300 229 533.

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